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Italian Brand Clothing

Italian Brand Clothing


Wholesale branded clothing from Italy — from official showrooms of Milano and Rome!

Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Galliano, Bikkembergs — all these Italian brands make women’s hearts beat faster. And any man, who has an eye for stylish clothes, will say: “Oh, well, this is just beautiful, and it is definitely worth my attention!”

If you would like to surprise visitors of your store to the upside making them want toreturn to your store and buy more — order a collection of fashionable Italian clothes to see that it is a solid investment!

Why our agency?

We live in Italy, run a successful business and have long been cooperating with manyfactory-supplied showrooms of Milano, San Marino, Rimini, Florence, Macerata, Rome, andother cities.

We are always on top of European fashion trends and we offer branded Italian clothing to wholesalers on very attractive terms including:

  • Favorable prices — Italian clothes are always cheaper if you order them;
  • Excellent product offering — collections of young designers and famous brands;
  • High-level service;
  • Our clients are very precious to us — we serve their interests and we are always willing to consult on any questions that might arise.

We’ll show you the way to the best Fashion Houses of Italy!

How to make a wholesale order?
Please note: for you to place an order it is necessary to check if your city is “available”, i.e. if there is a possibility to sell the collection of interest in the area of your city.

Your order should feature presentation of your store: specify the brand of clothing you offer, country, city and location, area (in square meters), what brands you already sell and attach photos.

Minimum order: from 8,000 to 30,000 Euro depending on the brand.

We will present your store/boutique at our company, and then we’ll choose a day to accompany you to the showroom of interest to complete the order.

If you would like to order a wholesale collection at the showroom, you’ll need to:

— specify the range of sizes and the units of each model;

— make an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the total cost, while the rest of the amount will be due after delivery of products or when the order is ready.

brend2Clothing brands of Italy make for special fashion with a twist and embodiment of the bestdesigner ideas constituting a symphony of refinement and high quality traditions.

Don’t put encounter of your clients with trendy and stylish Italian clothes into cold storage. Discover new dimensions of a successful business!

Meet branded clothing! Open the doors of your stores and get ready for the shopping storm.

Call us right now!
We’ll meet you in Rimini in as little as three hours!
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