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Children’s clothing and footwear from Italy: is it worth the cost?

Those of you who deal with children’s clothing will confirm with unconditional certainty that this market segment is a real treasure trove. And if you are only planning on opening aclothes store for children, be sure that this unexplored but at the same time profitable market opens up new boundless horizons before you!


First of all, the fact is that children’s clothing is that segment of the family budget that will never be neglected by parents. Every parent wants their child to be beautiful and fashionable — just like mom and dad. All want their children to wear high quality clothes made of naturaland “breathing” fabric, as well as trendy footwear that promotes correct formation of the child’s leg.

Yet, there is another rather pragmatic, but quite a solid “pro” argument: children grow so fast that sometimes during just one season parents have to buy clothes in various sizes. Don’tforget that kids’ clothes also “go out of service” very quickly, since a child is constantly playing, moving, falling, climbing and so on… So, here goes another motivation for parents to buy clothing for their beloved child several times during the season.


We would like to give you a hand in your business development — we suggest you make a wholesale purchase of children’s clothes directly from Italian manufacturers with no extra charges and at the most favorable prices. We are willing to work both with owners of stores andwith caring parents. Our work is based on the most convenient and versatile systems withallowances made for your demands and your budget. We cooperate both with bestselling andunknown brands who also offer authentic high quality kids’ clothes from Italy.

If you figure on purchasing luxury children’s clothing, we are willing to offer you cooperation with the following famous children’s brands:


Baby Graziella,
Muffin & Co,
Denny Rose,
9,2 kids,
Murphy & NYE Junior,
EAN 13 Girl,
La Martina,
Silvian Heache,
Caf и др.

You can make a wholesale purchase of all the above mentioned brands by compiling your own collection choosing from appropriate sizes and placing an order for the next year making an advance payment of 30%. And while next year your competitors will only start peering atnewfangled fashions, your store will already boast trendy collections directly from Italy!

Moreover, you can order and confirm your future collection also a year ahead inshowrooms of such famous brands as


Armani junior,
Twin Set,
Liu jo junior,
Miss Blumarine,
Ice berg и др.

If you, on the other hand, plan on making a purchase “during the same season”, you’ll be able to compile your collection at stock houses of the same brands choosing from ready-made items of the season of relevance.

Stock houses offer not only brand-name clothing, but also children’s brands of the mid-price segment, namely Dodipetto and Ellepi, Disney and Gymp, Noppies and Coconudina. Notonly do these items maintain ground as compared to the quality of “dominant” brands, they will certainly become an asset for start-ups.

On the other hand, footwear from Florens, Miss Blumarine, Blumarine Baby, Liu jo, Cavalli, Bublos, Twin Set, Richmond, Ice berg, Simone, Carlo Pignatelli junior, ToninoLamborghini can’t be purchased “by a pattern”: high quality children’s footwear from Italy is highly sought-after, and that’s why one can buy it only after having made an advance payment a year ahead.

If you have more questions, we will be more than happy to answer all of them. Webelieve our cooperation can mark the beginning of your long journey in children’s clothing business!

Your desire to succeed in the business of children’s clothes in combination with our knowledge and capabilities will provide an excellent impetus for your business!

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