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Underwear and swimwear

Underwear is the most intimate part of any woman’s wardrobe. Representatives of the softer sex bindingly and tremblingly approach its selection wishing to demonstrate their shape to the best advantage and surprise the beloved partner to the upside.

At all times, underwear has been in great demand, so if you decided to complete the range of your products specifically with this item, you will definitely get your money’s worth. Our company will be more than happy to help you please your customers with high quality luxury underwear of Italian brands. We would like to offer:
-Dressing gowns;
-Summer suits

— each of these items is distinguished by an excellent combination of style and comfort. Your buyers will be thrilled with the fact that loungewear can be so attractive and versatile.

For you to become the proud owner of any lingerie collection, you have to meet one unsophisticated end of a bargain: you are to place a tentative order at Italian showrooms one year ahead of the actual purchase.

New summer means new swimsuit!

Elegant and refined Italian lingerie is not all we have to give! The newest collections ofswimsuits are also there for you. Famous brands, new collections and advantageous offers — all that will become true if you just call us.

“New summer means new swimsuit”, — this is exactly the way any fashionmonger thinks. Spoil female visitors of your store a little — order Italian swimsuits at our company: bikini, monokini, and tankini. Designers will cheer you up both with one-color pieces and swimsuits with floral or ethnic, spotted or striped designs.

Italian miracle men heat the imagination and boldly play with design and decoration. Fringe, rhinestones, spikes, and incredible embroidery are by no means all textile decorative elements that you’ll be able to see.

If you want the summer season at your personal store to start with demonstration of magnificent swimwear, you need to place an order at Italian showrooms a year ahead. Afterordering only one commercial lot, you will understand what makes a business successful and how to augment the amount of clients.

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