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A magic and unpredictable world of “fashion” is always full of intrigues, scandals and, if you will, tight plots fancier than any detective story. Of course, no one here fights, or makes scenes, or argues. Emotions and passions, on the other hand, run high right on the runway. One cansense the craftsman’s mood in every collection, every set and every detail, and some of them even urge to indulge in philosophizing. It seems like it’s really hard to survive in this ruthlessworld of trendy sharks and stylish piranhas, but when it comes to children’s clothing it is hard to remain cool and tough-minded, so the hearts even of the most sophisticated fashionmongers melt. I bet you already figured what trendy wave swept me through, and where I found myself this time.

Today I am happy to share with you my impressions from the 75th Florentine exposition PittiImmagine Bimbo. Being absolutely fascinated with children and fashion I couldn’t leave out thisstylish event, so with great pleasure I played tricks and enjoyed myself at the annual childrenswear exposition that is rightly considered to be the main and unique international fashion show.

Pitti Bimbo is held twice a year, and each time the amount of participants, partners and visitors grows. And it is not for nothing since the Pitti Bimbo exposition is truly the place where one can get the fullest and brightest idea of the trendy world of children’s fashion. Here one can not onlysee stylish, trendy and elegant collections for children, but also establish fruitful contacts with people engaged in manufacturing of children’s clothing. Our company was no exception, and we are happy to help our clients get to the exposition, purchase the collections of interest and establish contacts with important people.

This year the Pitti Bimbo exposition was distinguished by particular creativity and freshness. Not only the models of children’s clothing and footwear amazed us there, but also the design of a showground site. Light and airy butterflies, lots of fruit trees and lollipops, as well as pictures for children – all that easily and effortlessly created a friendly atmosphere ideally fitting in miniature dresses with bows, numerous little trousers, little skirts, little shorts and little jackets for little fashionmongers.

Among the great variety of collections — and this year they amounted to more than 500! – onecouldn’t but notice exclusive footwear for the little ones. If you didn’t see that beauty, it will behard for you to even imagine how wonderful such nice little shoes for girls or elegant little boots for boys look — they are just as stylish and trendy as those worn by their parents.

During only four days of the fashion show Pitti Bimbo, it seems like I managed to grow young again dropping at least 10 years of age – such an unbelievable atmosphere of kindness, joy and happiness seemed to impenetrate you to stay there forever. It’s a pity it all ended so quickly, but I will be looking forward to the next exposition to get another trendy boost of positive emotions and bright impressions. And now I can only look through the pictures recollecting with a smile on my face that grandiose event of the world of fashion.

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