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There comes a point of time when everyone wants to return to his/her childhood to feel light-heartedness and easiness of life — to become absolutely happy at least for one moment… Happy with ingenuousness and with very simple things that seem prosaic to adults, the beauty whereof can be seen only by a child.

Clothing is one of the most sure and powerful ways to bring back to life even the saddest person presenting him/her with a colossal boost of energy and positive emotions. I became personally certain in it when I attended another fashion show.

Today I would like to tell you about a new childrenswear collection of the spring/summer 2013 season by Illudia. The company specialized in release of stylish and trendy clothing for children, adolescents and young people arranged a genuine paradise in a picturesque Corsini garden. Themagic was in the air — it is no wonder since the new collection was displayed in the ancient castle Limonaia.

Products of this brand are aimed at a girl aspiring to highlight her individuality with the help of beautiful clothing — a girl who comes to know the fashion on her own through her personal vision of esthetics. She is independent and curious in her perception. On learning the delicate science of beauty, she just started accumulating her priceless experience and she carefully keeps all the secrets of the beautiful. In such a way, not a girl, and not yet a woman, but a young ladyfrom Illudia is inadvertently carried over to the kingdom between experience and innocence — she becomes the main character of a magic fairy-tale.

The event planners were mindful of the brand concept and skillfully conveyed it in every detail. The cocktail of splendid shades — pink, green, yellow, coral, baked milk and ivory – went amazingly well with antiquity as if it was a bright memory, unforgotten, but faded with time.

The spring/summer 2013 collection by Illudia helps a woman live through sweet memories of all-time parties, the first love and friends from early days who will always stay in the unclouded childhood. Here, on the runway, the present met with the past, which turned into a never-to-be-forgotten fairy show of style and authentic Italian fashion.

Since the fashion show started so magically and fairily, it sure couldn’t end tritely and prosily. The event planners provided all the guests with a unique possibility to feel small again enjoying themselves on the lawn of Palazzo Corsini. Moreover, we all tasted wonderful “grandma’s” snacks with pleasure and enjoyed nice chats.

This is how my visit to the fashion show of the spring/summer 2013 collection by Illudia ended with such a small picnic ceremony.


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