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If you:

  • Own a store and you are interested in wholesale purchases, or
  • You would like to arrange a shopping tour for yourself

–  be sure to contact the Wonderland Buying Office!

Our agency will help you purchase Italian goods at affordable prices. From now on yourstore will build a reputation of the venue selling only high quality and exclusive stuff, while the shopping itself will make you a fashionmonger with a refined taste.



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Our friendly team Tatiana Goncharova in Italywill be more than happy to make your dreams come true. We’ll arrangeconvenient purchases and orders for you in the best way possible.

It should be noted that hard daily work of our team lies at the heart of beauty and glamorous attractiveness of the fashion industry. For us to know the entrails of this industry, we work without weekends and with minimum rest. It is no wonder, since we need to be terrifically good at analyses and strategic sales, budget planning, endless procurement and delivery. Weneed to attend trainings arranged at Italian manufacturing companies, as well as factories and boutiques, and, moreover, we should be mindful of various events, demonstrations and meetings.

Our agency not only understands all of that, but also successfully accomplishes it. That’swhy anyone who works at our company knows what to do and how to do it well. Once you employ our services, you won’t have any problems with the following matters:

  • Where to go from the airport and how to get to a hotel;
  • What to do if you don’t speak a foreign language;
  • Where to find the needed product of better quality and at a reasonable price;
  • How to get a discount on the purchase;
  • How to get in a factory, showroom or stock house;
  • And, finally, how to deliver all the goods to your city.

Not only will our guide help you with that — for you he/she will be availablearistova irina furniture agent in italy24/7.

The Wonderland Buying Office Agency will help you not only to purchase or order clothing, footwear, bags, fur coats and wedding dresses by wholesale! With our help you will also be able to purchase high class furniture.

Just write or call my colleague and mother Irina. Together with a team of experts she will help you draw up a designer project and purchase furniture directly from Italian factories:

+ 39 3405725435
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See you soon in Italy!

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