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Elite silk rugs: imperial luxury in your house

Dear friends of our website, are you ready for a new virtual trip? And you should be — let’s get it started! We will go to Milan one more time.

Do you remember, some time ago we visited the anniversary Milan Furniture Fair — SaloneInternazionale Del Mobile — and we all liked it very much! As they say, don’t part with the loved ones, so once again we are going to return to the capital of Lombardy. And this time weaimed at the Sahrai showroom featuring antique and modern silk rugs that one can both admire and enjoy — you may say “delight is appropriate here”! — and, moreover, it is also possible to become an owner of the Eastern fairy-tale woven in silver threads.

The Sahrai Salon is located in close proximity to the Opera House La Scala in Via Verdi, where is takes up three floors. The video spot that we recorded shows all the floors — we were accompanied by one of successors of the Sahrai dynasty that originated more than 180 years ago. Enjoy the magnificence of exquisite silk rugs, the true beauty whereof, unfortunately, can’t be conveyed by a video camera …

Silk rugs enjoy a millenary history. Their manufacture first was started in China approximately in 4 BC, then rug weaving expanded to Persia and other Asian countries. At first luxurious rugswith rich patterns served only as decoration of imperial palaces. But times change, and today you can afford to decorate your house with an authentic hand-woven silk rug.

The merit of silk rugs doesn’t only imply there esthetic value, but also their durability and longevity — you grandchildren and even great grandchildren will play on such a rug. The secretlies in firm weaving of carpet cloth — about a million nods per square meter! Such meticulous work takes more than hundred hours — now you see why the cost of a silk rug is rather high!

Moreover, natural rugs are eco-friendly and safe, they are hypoallergenic and easy-care.Although, it goes without saying, that delicate handling of a handmade carpet will help preserve its initial elegant appearance.

Of course, our story won’t be complete if we don’t invite you to order silk rugs at Sahrai to complement your interior design! Our agency will be more than happy to help you purchase the rugs and deliver them from Italy to Russia.

It should be noted, that you can order the rug of interest choosing any color, size and even pattern you like. The masters will weave it specifically for you! So, how do you differ from powerful emperors?

If you decided to purchase a unique silk rug, don’t forget about the appropriate interior design. At our agency you can also order Italian furniture and various accessories for home and office — look through the catalogues on our website and don’t hesitate to choose!

We will answer any your questions with pleasure — we will consult you and help with purchase. Moreover, we will be happy to see your feedback on the website!

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