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Dear senhoras and senhoritas, do you hear the sounds of the famous Neapolitan song “Palummella”, which translates as a “butterfly”? It is no wonder that it is this song that is played,since today we are going on the next virtual trip. And as you might have guessed, this time we are headed to charming Naples.

The fashion show of a new collection by Silvian Heach was recently held there. Me, TatianaGoncharova, my mom Irina Aristova and my sister-in-law Yana Artemenko went there all together. Besides us, many “stars” from the world of fashion and many other people were present there. Anyway, let’s start from the beginning …


“Success is a journey and not a destination” — this is the slogan of the Silvian Heach brand founders Mena Marano и Giuseppe Ammaturo. The company started to exist in 2002, and in2005 flagship stores were opened in the most important Italian cities — Rome, Naples, Milan and others. Franchising distributor network started operating at the same time.

Silvian Heach manufactures high class womenswear designed for energetic and modern women under the age of 35. Starting 2009, the company has also been designing fashionable clothes for children. Collections from Silvian Heach Kids are truly loved by little princesses, young dandies and their parents.

Today the brand is really popular in Italy and abroad — Silvian Heach stores are open in Greece, Egypt, Spain, Slovenia, and Russia. It is not only the intriguing and recognizable style of SilvianHeach that attracts, but also high class fabrics, high quality fabrication and enjoyable pricing policy.


The fashion show of the spring/summer 2012 collection named Charlie’s Angels was held at the exclusive beach “Elena”. It is one of the most picturesque places of the Neapolitan coastline overlooking humbled Mount Vesuvius, Ischia and Capri islands, as well as the waterside view of the city.

Historically, the womenswear section from Silvian Heach features about 700 models. This allows to mix and match various items in full compliance with the “total look” policy.

The new collection is undoubtedly inspired by the trends of the 1970’s and refers to the era of “the flower children”, i.e. hippies. Light fabrics — viscose, chiffon, sateen, veil, pastel shades and at the same time bright fuchsine and lemon colors, and sudden contrasts. Elegant simplicityand extravagant glamour, short dresses during the day and long dresses at night, high heels and open toe shoes with paillettes … Non-triviality is everywhere, but this is exactly what we love about collection models of Silvian Heach, isn’t it?


Many famous people honored the closed fashion show in Naples with their presence. Miss Italy2004 Cristina Chiabotto was among them accompanied by the “star” of Italian cinema Fabio Fulco along with the cast of characters of the Neapolitan TV series “Un posto al sole” (The place under the Sun).

The arrival of a famous model and actress Elisabetta Canalis sprang a true surprise. Nobodycould have possibly thought that after her breakup with George Clooney she would return to social life so quickly. Anyway, let’s leave all the intrigues of her personal life alone.

Canalis was charmingly smiling from the runway demonstrating at the end of the evening one of the most beautiful models from the Silvian Heach collection — a skintight beige dress with a vintage black inset.

Designer Giuseppe Ammaturo and Elisabetta Canalis

Entrepreneurs and designers Giuseppe Ammaturo and Mena Marano

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