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Dear friends! Here we are again inviting you on a virtual trip, and this time we chose the Northof Italy — a wonderful and unique city of Milan.

This time the capital of Lombardy hosted a truly grandiose event — no less significant than traditional for Milan haute couture shows or season openings at the famous opera house La Scala.

Anyway, we are talking about the anniversary International fair of furniture and interior design items, which we were happy to attend as you can see in the unique pictures and video spots! But let’s start with a little bit of history and facts. The Milan Furniture Fair: how it all started?

Let’s imagine that we got access to the time machine and were magically transported to the past, i.e. half a century back from now. At that time the goods from Italy were already very popular allover the world and they were valued for irrevocably high quality — in particular it is true for elegant Italian furniture executed in the Louis XV style or the Renaissance style.

Skillful mahogany workers adhered to the time-honored traditions with regard to furniture manufacturing and finishing. But, paradoxical as it might sound, it is such commitment to classics in various historical variants that became the cause for decrease in popularity of Italian goods in the mid-20th century.

Classic style in the form of thoroughness and conservatism – in a good way – lost its relevance in Europe, and there was no other outlet for Italy. The emerged niche was filled by furniture from Scandinavian manufacturers complying with all the standards of the modern design. This isexactly how the idea was born to arrange the annual furniture fair on the lines of Paris and Cologne. Tito Armellini and Angelo De Baggis were the initiators and encouragers of thecampaign — both of them occupied leading posts in the federation of furniture and wood-processing manufacturers. The steering committee of the first Milan furniture fair also included representatives of the leading furniture factories — Angelo Molteni, Franco Cassina, SilvanoMontina and others.

The first ever Milan Furniture Fair saw the light on September 24, 1961. The event was held at the large expo center Fiera Milano. The event planners intended to demonstrate the capabilities of architects, designers, interior decorators and to help them establish fruitful contacts with manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and exporters. Moreover, they wanted to attract attention of foreigners to sell more of Italian furniture abroad.

The set goals were achieved to the fullest extent: the first Milan furniture fair was visited by more than 12 thousand people, whereof 800 were from abroad, and 328 factories were represented. By 1964 Italian export of furniture grew by three times. And in 1967 the Milan fairwas granted the status of the international one. Within the short period of time Italian designbecame the trendsetter!

This is the history in short. But let’s get back to our days … how was the fair held in Milan this year? Milan, Milan, Milan… In April designers and architects worldwide never stop saying thisword, since the Milan interior design fair for them is a true possibility not only to demonstrate their latest pieces of work, but also to feel the impulse of new tendencies, find investors and conclude fruitful agreements.

This year the furniture fair celebrated its semicentenary anniversary, and, as you would expect, the event was held on a noble scale having gathered the record number of participants and visitors.

Traditionally, a new exposition center Rho-Pero on the north-west of Milan was the venue to hold Salone del Mobile 2011. It is the largest and the most frequently attended exposition center in Europe created in 2005 in compliance with the design of the ingenious Italian architectMassimiliano Fuksas. It should be noted that it is the most impressive facility owing to its unique design.

During seven days — the fair was held from Tuesday, April 17th, to Sunday, April 22nd — morethan 2,700 exhibitors from 154 countries displayed their masterpieces in the sections of classic, modern and designer furniture.

The composition of participants of the furniture fair changes a little bit each year. They include famous architects, industrial designers and fashion houses, in particular Alessandro Mendini, Mario Bellini, Rodolfo Dordoni, Piero Lissoni, Andrea Branzi, Philippe Starck, Dolce&Gabbana, Missoni… and many others.

This year special emphasis was placed by design masters on furniture for sitting rooms, bedrooms and nurseries — uniqueness, brightness and diversity of interior design solutions could fascinate any visitor.

And, by tradition, numerous interesting events are held in the framework of the main fair including:
• Eurocucina — the international exhibition of kitchen furniture;
• Euroluce — biennale exposition of decorative and architectural lighting;
• Salone Ufficio – novelties of interior design elements for offices;
• Salone Internazionale del Bagno — exhibition of furniture for bathrooms;
• Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo — exposition of furniture accessories.
• Fuorisalone — various exhibitions at open sites of the city

The exhibition of young designers — Salone Satellite — is very popular nowadays. It is the onlyhall where participation is free of charge — so, it is an awesome opportunity for a non-professional to make a name…

Despite its respectable age, the Milan fair is the focus of fresh innovation concepts, cultural traditions and creative energy. It is here that people can see the “design of the future” — the trends that before long will be relevant. Each year a great amount of factories display their products here, including those that we cooperate with.

We said goodbye to Milan and we are longing to find out what surprises I Saloni will spring on us next year!

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