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Мебельные туры на выставку в Италию

So, another fascinating trip to the world of Italian style got imprinted on the memory of ourclients.

This time all of the fellow workers of our buying office visited the Milan furniture fair. Mainlywe meant to view numerous furniture novelties. It is here that the best Italian manufacturers demonstrate dozens of samples of their favorite products.

Our primary task is not only to familiarize with them ourselves, but also to tell our clients all about it. That’s why my mother Irina channeled all her efforts to the work and communication with clients. It’s nowhere but here that the clients could find and select ideally matching furniture for their king-size houses with unique designs.

It should be noted that absolutely each furniture shop tour to Italian factories is found by our clients to be extremely fruitful and exciting. It’s no wonder since the Wonderland’s buying office offers a wide and diversified range of products.

This time was no exception, and the visitors were very pleased. Each product was accompanied with a great variety of articles from various Italian factories. So, it was a great opportunity forpotential buyers not only to look at, but also to choose appropriate furniture pieces.

The given Milan furniture fair once again demonstrated to the whole world the sophisticated style and excellence of Italian experts:
⎯ Variety of style directions for each interior design ranging from bedroom tokitchen, and classics to modern style;
⎯ Irreproachable quality and guaranteed “eternal” service life
⎯ Such diversified quality directly from manufacturers at factory prices is what really matters!

As for me, once again I managed to fit into an exciting image of a photographer. So, the buyingoffice is happy to share with the website population the updated photo report on our trip to the world of fabulous Italian creations.

If you decided you would like to furnish your house with unique furniture, contact us any time you feel like it — we are there for you 24/7. The Wonderland’s buying office will be more than happy to arrange for its clients an easy-to-remember trip to the best Italian factories.

Furniture shopping tours to Italy with Wonderland – there will be no better shopping opportunity!

Call us right now!
We’ll meet you in Rimini in as little as three hours!
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