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Macerata is one of the least known cities for tourists in Italy. Nevertheless, this citydominates among fashionmongers and fashion-related prominent businessmen. Here, you cannot only spend your time with pleasure, enjoy picturesque landscapes and derive inspiration from splendid masterpieces of architectural art, but also purchase excellent clothing and footwear from bestselling Italian manufacturers.

This time I arranged a small story in pictures telling not about my fashion trip, but about the adventures of my friend Katya who accompanied our clients Olya and Gulya in their fascinating trip to Macerata.

Macerata is a truly wonderful place located 120 km to the south of Rimini. It is here that a majority of footwear factories of Italy are concentrated. Today, they amount approximately to200! Now we see why the girls decided to go shopping specifically here. Each time the manufacturers manage to surprise their female guests with not only beautiful, fashionable and stylish, but also high quality and comfortable footwear.

Here, in pursuit of amazing branded footwear Katya, Olya and Gulya could get acquainted with products of such famous brands as Gianfranco Butteri, Roberto Botticelli, Fabi, Nando Muzi, Loriblu, Giovanni Fabiani and many others. Only here you get a unique opportunity to purchase Italian branded footwear at wholesale prices for your store located anywhere in the world.

Macerata is really a magic place, it presents women from various countries with stylish and trendy Italian footwear, also guaranteeing a sparkling future to store owners. Moreover, a trip to Macerata to shop for clothing and footwear, as well as the service itself, was arranged for our clients at a magically low price!

Irina, Olya and Gulya started their fashionable trip with a closed wholesale multi-brand two-storied stock house. A real store is placed on the first floor where only individual models of clothing and footwear are presented, while the second floor features a closed stock house with unique models that you won’t see on the first floor. It is rather difficult to get in here, but with us it will be as easy as shelling peas. There you will find only new collections and only at wholesale prices:
Giovanni Fabiani,
Roberto Botticelli,
Nando Muzi,
Gianmarco Lorenzi,
Vittorio Virgilli,
and many others.

In the afternoon our clients visited footwear factories together with an attendant. Olyaand Gulya duly appreciated this small trip along dark alleys of the latest fashion trends in clothing, footwear and accessories. They brought away with them a lot of positive emotionsaroused by this truly magic world of beauty and style, and, of course, they could purchase excellent clothes and footwear from the best Italian brands — that you won’t find anywhere else — at wholesale prices.

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