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Cargo delivery from Italy


When placing a tentative order for a collection, many buyers may wonder: “How will the goods be delivered to my city?” It’s very simple: we arrange delivery of the goods you chose, while you stay at home and take it easy.

For the products to be delivered to our clients safe and sound, as well as within the specified time limits, we cooperate only with reliable carrier companies. We have been present on the buying services market for 7 years now, so we definitely know who to trust!

Italian brand distribution is ensured by a wholesale “Wonderland’s” buying office — we supply authentic fashion luxury goods by wholesale from Italy to various parts of the world including Europe and Asia under the aegis of the largest transport operator ULS Global. We cooperate with numerous carriers who’ll deliver goods anywhere you say. Our clients can choose the carrier from our list or suggest any other of his/her own choice. We don’t work with shadow companies — so your goods will never get lost on their way.

We deliver goods to Greece, Cyprus, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Israel, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, China, Russia etc.

Besides international delivery as such, our partners also render additional services, namely:
-Regional delivery – door-to-door shipping of goods by a courier.
-Express delivery – expedited delivery of goods by air.
-Freight insurance – additional guarantees of integrity and safety of the ordered goods.

How much do carriers’ logistic services cost?

Our long-standing partners not only ensure convenient servicing, but also minimize your expenses for shipment.

The costs of carrier’s services are estimated individually in each case depending on the order value, distance and route to your community, as well as on the necessity to clear the goods. More detailed information on the terms of delivery is available at the “Wonderland” company or directly at the chosen transport operator.

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