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Furniture from Italy — life as art!

Do you know what “Art de vivre” is? It is the Art to live. It means to live with taste and use all the possibilities provided by your social status and money. It is the skill to find yourself in the best.

Compliment yourself with the joy of purchasing authentic Italian furniture — and our agency will help you with that!

Italian houses often feature centenarian tables and beds, bureaus that were manufactured during the Napoleonic wars. They serve faithfully to the present day. Furniture manufacturingtraditions have been passed on from generation to generation for several centuries now. Masterpieces of furniture art are offered to buyers at factories and workshops. Yes, you heard it right! We are talking specifically about art! Each piece is unique. Indeed, all the pieces are assembled manually even at the largest companies. Italian furniture can’t be average — it can’t even be just “good enough”. It can be either very good or excellent!

We have six reasons for you to buy Italian furniture in Italy with the help of our agency.


imagemebel1В At our agency you’ll familiarize with catalogues of companies that we work with. Theyfeature hundreds of models of cabinet-type and lounge furniture. No other shopping center can boast such product offering!

We arrange tours to showrooms of furniture manufacturers in the vicinity of Pesaro, San Marino, Macerata and Rimini. There you’ll be able to look at pieces that appeal to you, feel them in your hands and measure their quality “alive”.

If you already have a design project, our agency will help you match models of furniture pieces according to sketches. Buy furniture from Italy with us, and you’ll definitely be able to put together the Italian-inspired house of your dream!



Italian furniture manufacturers use only wood of fruit trees that doesn’t warp with time, as well as natural veneer and European fittings. To produce elite furniture the manufacturers use noble tree species, namely oak, beech, ash tree, maple, and cherry. Precious wood andnatural leather… Furniture pieces are characterized with increased resistance to external exposure, and, moreover, they are durable.

Buy Italian furniture directly from factory, and you won’t have to think about what to give your great-great-children for their weddings in 50 years! You will solemnly pass a family relic – antique Italian furniture that you’ll purchase with us today.


You have a possibility to draw up an individual shopping tour for home furniture in advance. If you already found Italian furniture of your dream in some other country having decided on particular models, you can call us or send a request via e-mail:irinaaristova55@gmail.com
Please, indicate:


  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Piece of furniture
  • Desirable color palette

Within 3 days we’ll find out the prices for such Italian pieces, and we’ll tell you the approximate cost of delivery and customs duties. So, you will be able to decide what is better for you!

With our agency you will be able to buy Italian furniture with minimum time expenditures and, moreover, you’ll have time to enjoy your trip.



With our agency you will buy Italian furniture directly from manufacturers with no extra charges and retail trading margins. Additional expenditures will include only shipment and customs duties. The cost of delivery is calculated individually for each client.



When ordering furniture, you can make an advance payment of 30% of the total cost of your future masterpiece. The remaining amount will be due only after your furniture is manufactured and before it is shipped. If you order furniture fabrication, full and final settlement will be performed after it has been manufactured, i.e. in one-two months.



Our agency will pre-book a hotel for you, and provide you with a guide-interpreter, who will accompany you, if necessary, during all your visits to furniture factories. We’ll help you t

  • Conclude an agreement at a factory
  • Complete the purchase
  • Arrange delivery of goods from Italy

You’ll need only to “meet” your furniture in your country and arrange it.
imagemebel2May the guests exclaim “Вelissimo!” when entering your home!
If you are only planning on changing the interior decoration of your home after makingrelevant repairs, we’ll help you purchase stunning Italian finishing materials, famous Italian bathroom fixtures and breath-taking unique decorative items like carpets, chandeliers, lamps, one-of-a-kind bed linen collections and so on.

With us you home will become the embodiment of the “Art de vivre”!

We offer bonuses to our buyers like no other agency does!

  • Bonus No.1: When you buy or order furniture totaling to 3,000 Euro or over, we’ll compliment you with 8 hours of free-of-charge accompaniment of our shopping guide in one of the cities of your choice: Pesaro, San Marino, Macerata, or Rimini.
  • Bonus No.2: When you buy or order furniture totaling to 4,000 Euro or over, the services of our specialist will be absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

If you’d like to order furniture, dinnerware and home accessories, please, call us at +39.340.572.54.35.

E-mail irinaaristova55@gmail.com

Call us right now, and we’ll meet you in Rimini in as little as three hours!

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