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Do you have property in Italy, or maybe you are going to buy it, but you don’t know how to arrange remote construction, finishing or re-planning?

Maybe, you would like to build a house at your home country or make high quality repairs according to an authentic Italian design project and from genuine Italian materials?

The “Wonderland” company will help you solve any issue! Whether it is residential(apartments, villas) or commercial property (hotels, offices, restaurants, clinics and so on), we’ll help you develop a turn-key architectural project for any type of property of any complexity!

Our scope of activity includes:

  • Elaboration of an interior design project (with 3D image and all necessary engineering drawings);
  • Development of technical requirements and calculation of expenses in accordance with the project;
  • Selection of materials and suppliers in accordance with the project;
  • Control and delivery of suppliers’ products;
  • Assistance in construction management process at a construction site;
  • Contribution to assemblage.

Since we have been present on the market for some time now, we know all the nuances ofarchitectural design, and we have gained a reputation of reliable partners both for individuals and commercial property owners. We are willing to provide you with a portfolio containing samplesof projects implemented by our architects and designers.

Together with us you’ll be able to bring into reality the most ambitious projects. Call ustoday, and as early as tomorrow your architectural and designer fantasies will start turning into life

If you’d like to order furniture, dinnerware and home accessories, please, call us at + 39.340.572.54.35. Email irinaaristova55@gmail.com

Call us right now, and we’ll meet you in Rimini in as little as three hours!