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На заказе Parosh весна-лето 2015

While autumn came into possession all over the world, the world of Italian fashion industry is enjoying a new season — a season of preliminary orders at the spring/summer 2015 collection show. As for our buying office, this season started with one of the brightest and the most fashionable brands – Parosh!

Juicy, anything but fall colors, floral prints, live stripes and creatively different decorative pattern – this is how Parosh designers see the color. Showy, multilayer silhouette and flying fabrics — this is how brand creators see the shape. And we saw a new spring/summer collection from Parosh exactly that way.

The new collection gladdened us not only with its shapes and color, but also with variousstylistic patterns: here you will find both long bohemian dresses for a dreamer and bold sets of shorts + top for naughty girls, as well as reserved casual dresses with a color highlight for elegant ladies. And all that variety will cost you only 70-180 Euro per unit!

By the way, you can complete the image with accessories of the same brand. Purses, hats andeven footwear – clients of your store will truly appreciate all the variety of accessories and image perfection. Why go some other place in search of a purse to go with a new dress fromParosh when one can buy it right here at your store?

If you were fascinated with this bold collection just like our loyal clients, you can place a preliminary order right away. How to do it?

Contact us and send us a presentation of your store, its photos and brands that you work with, as well as all the information on you as a client. If no other store in your city sells the Parosh brand yet, chances are you will get an opportunity to sell the beauty under Parosh trademark!

Feel the magnificent and warm atmosphere of a new spring/summer 2015 collection from Parosh!

Call us right now!
We’ll meet you in Rimini in as little as three hours!
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Brands: P.A.R.O.S.H.

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