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выставка мужской одежды во Флоренции Pitti Uomo

Founded by Julius Caesar in 59 BC, this city is still as majestic and powerful, pompous and antique, calm and romantic as it used to be. Michelangelo and Botticelli were inspired by its landscapes, Donatello and Machiavelli roamed about its streets, and it became the cradle of the Renaissance Era. Do you know what city we are talking about? Of course, it’s Florence! It isthere that I went in search of new trendy impressions — I visited the Pitti Uomo exposition of menswear.

For 37 years now, the Pitti Uomo exposition has been the main event of the world of men’s fashion clothing. Twice a year here one can find the newest collections of the leading fashion houses not only from Italy, but from all over the world. The whole fashion elite gathers herecoming from various corners of the world including designers, couturiers, manufacturers and representatives of business circles from Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Russia and other parts of the world. This time all creators and amateurs of fashion gathered again to be the first to know about the main tendencies of the “Fall/Winter” 2012-2013 season.

As for me, the exposition in Florence looked like a totally different world that lives its own trendy life. I am glad to think that handsome and stylish men here walk not only on runways, but also in the streets. The feeling of style and fashion is, undoubtedly, an innate quality of Florentine good-lookers. And it is no wonder that the main event in the men’s fashion world is held anywhere but here. This year the exposition featured 1,072 collections from the bestselling world brands! Some placed their stake on bright highlights and juicy colors, while some glorified the military style — some, on the other hand, amazed with creatively different design, fabrics and shapes — as you see, we saw it all! But multifacetedness of designers’ fantasy stroke themost — isn’t it wonderful that year after year they show marvelous facility in surprising their sophisticated audience with new, fresh ideas absolutely loved by the public?

During four days I was truly in a men’s paradise located on the area of 59,000 square meters!When you know this figure, you sure can imagine incredible proportions of the exposition and its grandeur. Startling friendly atmosphere, storm of colors and wonderful designer pieces of art followed me absolutely everywhere. This exposition was distinguished by its off-beat solutions and arrangement. The event planners did an excellent job so that the public could not only remember new trendy podium discoveries, but also their make-believe ideas. Simulateddummies in bright and dynamic costumes “welcoming” all visitors of the exposition made a particular impression.

Among the plentitude of collections, Ravazzolo, Kiton, Stefano Ricci, Castangia, Messori,Billionaire, Doriani, Castello d`Oro, and Parisian Leonard were easily recognizable. Their luster, elegance and chic never stop surprising and impressing all fashion connoisseurs. Besides stylish menswear, the brands also displayed magnificent footwear and various accessories. And despiteseverity of some and rebelliousness of others, common tendencies were discernible in all the collections, and “checks” were among favorites.

I could incessantly tell you about those bright impressions that I brought away with me afterattending the Pitti Uomo exposition, but, as they say, а picture is worth a thousand words. I would like to share a photo story with you from the very heart of the main fashion event of this season.

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