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This is not the first time that our “Wonderland” agency was on the list of guests for the show of the fur guru Maurizio Braschi. This time me, Tatiana Goncharova, the founder of the Wonderland, and an irreplaceable fellow of our team Ekaterina got the opportunity to see with our own eyes all the magnificence of BRASCHI.

The Braschi 2015 collection show was held in Milan in March 2014, and its venue was no coincidence. The legendary hotel Principedi Savoi is indeed an ideal place transfusing class and luster of Braschi furs “for life”. Not only the show but also the party for guests and clients were held here. Me and Ekaterina stayed there for a couple of days to be able to experience the classic luxury of Italian style and absorb the atmosphere of the collection show.

The new Braschi collection amazed even sophisticated fur connoisseurs: besides women’s and men’s models, children’s fur coats and overclothes were also displayed. The fusion of accuratelyhand-picked furs of chinchilla and sable, Persian karakul and fox with crocodile and python leather prints took fancy of each and every guest! An elegant collection in neutral shades of black, white and brown was attenuated with intensive and rich gold and silver tints.

Both Italian and foreign stars saw the true value of the collection show. Renata Litvinova and Ravshana Kurkova were among special guests.

Fashionable rhythms of the show graded to vintage rhythms of Charleston – it is in the stylistics of this dance of the 1930th that the party for the guests was arranged after the show. Sounds oflive music, showgirls dancing to Charleston and glamorous women in the style of the 1930th —the event-planners really did do a good job creating the unforgettable atmosphere!

We cannot but look forward to what the fur guru Braschi will surprise us with in the next season,and you, on the other hand, even now can try on and choose one of the fur coats admired so much by Italian and world fashion icons.

Contact us and we will tell you how to become a happy owner of one (or several) unique furcoats!

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Brands: Braschi