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Good day, it’s me again, Tatiana Goncharova!

Today I would like to share with you my impressions of another trendy showroom that I recently visited and to familiarize you with new brands of fashionable Italian clothing. As always, mystory will be supported with pictures that I made at the unforgettable showroom. The following brands of trendy clothing and accessories were displayed at the show: Save the queen, To be G, Nana Nucci, Sonia Gonnelli, Alysi and Cappopera — these can not only renew your wardrobe, but also become true decoration of a fashion store. Presented collections are, first of all, designed for wholesale buyers who pay special attention to renewal and widening of the current product line in their stores. As for such clients, showrooms set the minimum purchase volume with regard to each brand. So, let’s start from the beginning …


As for me, I was most of all impressed by a collection of the Italian Fashion House Save the Queen. It is a rather young brand created by a married couple Marco and Elena Fantini who in1985 decided to start their own business. All pieces of work by «Save the queen» are impregnated with extremely strong positive energy. They are distinguished by boldness, maybeeven audacity and extravagance, and maybe it is this surprising combination that makes peoplelove and admire it from the first sight. Clothing from Save the queen is designed for young and modern young women aspiring to express their identity and emphasize their one and only image and style.

The new collection Save the queen is truly a splash and storm of emotions, colors, and novel designs. Such an effect depends largely on the chosen color solutions discernible not only in the line of womenswear, but also in the accessories. Great attention is paid specifically to accessories, and many sets are complemented with stylish bead necklaces that can in no time be transformed into an equally fashionable belt.

The given collection comprises two lines: Save the Queen Moon and Save the Queen Sun, which present leisure clothing and accessories, namely tunics, swimwear, straw hats, and mats. Byordering just this collection, you can buy everything you might need on vacation to not only feel but also look stunningly beautiful. Summer clothes from Save the Queen are unique in the factthat designers aspired to use hand finishing for their clothes as much as possible in the form of embroidery, decorative elements, prints and combination of up to 15 colors at the same time.

Clothing from Save the queen are the ultimate dream of any woman — they are affordable and reachable for those who try to look not only eye-catching, but also stylish.


Another designer I would like to turn your attention to is Alysi. At a glance I thought that clothesfrom Alysi might feature business style. Such an impression was associated with reserved and conservative colors that slightly remind of the recognized world dress code colors. But when I got to know the collection closer, I understood how wrong I was. This collection was designedfor young and trendy women casting themselves as genuine ladies with an eye for fashion. Only elegance, style, charm and harmony — nothing here is out of place or distractive. Idealcostumes, womanly streaming dresses, exquisite knitwear with fantastic finishing and decorative elements, and nice ensembles that will suit the most solemn and celebratory events. Simplicity infinishing and fit makes the Alysi collection unforgettable, special and unique — you want to put on clothes by this designer over and over …


Clothes displayed under the Cappopera brand are genuine chic of luxury Italian clothing. Any woman in these clothes will feel comfortable, womanly and elegant. A new collection features trousers, jeans, knitted jumpers, jackets, costumes, dresses, skirts and blouses. You can’t say thatit is a storm of colors; quite the opposite, it is rather reserved, delicate and calm. Predominance of pastel shades makes it attractive for women who prefer conservative and practical dressing style. Two-piece suits with trousers and skirts will lay emphasis on uniqueness and chastity of your style of clothing. The Italian Fashion House Cappopera is a unique fusion of the feeling of style and taste. Looking at a woman dressed in Cappopera you understand that it doesn’t only look beautiful, but it makes natural beauty look even more expressive and elegant.

Ingenious fancy patterns, trendy leopard prints and aquarelle blotching make us admire craftsmanship of the designer who managed to create such art. If you complement and finishyour new image with a collection of accessories from Cappopera, you can be sure that wherever you go you will spark a furor, and all men’s eyes will be fixed only on you.

I will be very happy if the information that I just shared with you is not only interesting, but also useful to you. As for me, again I would like to draw the attention of wholesale clients who are now in search of goods to renew the range of their brand products. I am willing to be your guide who will see you to all fashion Italian showrooms. Together we will choose the clothing that no one of your clients will be able to resist ….

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