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The sense of style and good taste should be formed in the very early childhood. Absolutely anyfully fledged specialist would say that it is better to inoculate the little girl’s sense of style from the very beginning trying to choose the clothes that her mother could have worn herself instead of dressing her in all rainbow dyes. This time I visited the place where children get acquainted for the first time with designer masterpieces for kids – the fashion show of childrenswearcollection by Paessagino and Illudia.

A friendly and cheerful atmosphere that reigned during the show

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There comes a point of time when everyone wants to return to his/her childhood to feel light-heartedness and easiness of life — to become absolutely happy at least for one moment… Happy with ingenuousness and with very simple things that seem prosaic to adults, the beauty whereof can be seen only by a child.

Clothing is one of the most sure and powerful ways to bring back to life even the saddest person presenting him/her with a colossal boost of energy and positive emotions.

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