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When we, women, hear the word combination “Italian fur coats”, our hearts are sinking, and thebrain starts lining up a string of logic that always finishes with the “fur fashion house of ‘BRASCHI’”.

“BRASCHI” is a successful, rather young and dynamically developing brand. This worldwiderenowned company started its path in the mid 1960’s with a small shop in Rome. Its owners (theBraschi couple) decided to build their business on the quality of created unique and exclusive models of fur items, instead of focusing on their quantity.

When the brand became permanent on the world fashion arena, the head and founder of this brand Lorenzo Braschi transferred the reins of power to his sons. But, as it happens, his olderson Valerio Braschi decided to break away and create his own company — now he is involved in designing of overclothing and leather items. So the company has lately been headed by Maurizio Braschi, who successfully inherited his father’s helm.

A recipe for success of the “BRASCHI” fur business lies in strict compliance with complex technologies, constant search of new ideas, following the latest fashion trends and special attitude to details. High quality of products is guaranteed by high quality fur bought at the best world auctions of Russia, Canada and Scandinavia.

On top of everything else, masculine charm and charisma of the head of the “BRASCHI” fashion house accounts for an important part of its popularity. Only the man who really careswith all his heart for the softer sex knows how a fur coat should look for it to decorate, warm up and make a modern woman smile.

The slogan of the “BRASCHI” company is as follows: “The quality is positively related to magnificence”. And believe me those are not just loud words. A close-knit team of experts creates unique and unbelievably beautiful things. Owing to their natural talent and creative approach, designers and couturiers of the fashion house boggle the mind even of the most sophisticated fur fashion connoisseurs. Elegant classic fur coats are the embodiment of bold andoriginal ideas allowing women from all over the world to shine in fur items made of the most tender chinchilla, high quality mink or royal sable.

The “BRASCHI” brand doesn’t only represent with dignity Italian fur coats, vests and dresses,but also makes its fans happy with various stylish accessories and jewelry (muffs, gloves, belts and fur pins).

You can buy creatively different designer fur coats and items from the “BRASCHI PRIVATE COLLECTION” or order them by visiting us in Italy. We are willing to help you choose a trendy design and decide upon the size and color.

Don’t deprive yourself of a pleasure to purchase the most luxury and beautiful item of the wardrobe – a fur coat that will heat both your body and the soul.

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Brands: Braschi